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Luigi Liguori profile

Nice to meet you!

​"It's always a matter of how to make the world a better place, making tangible things"

Meet Luigi, a technology professional with a passion for customer engagement, marketing, and identity management. With years of experience in the industry, Luigi has honed his skills in various roles, including Product Manager, Head of Retail, and Brand Manager.  


Currently, he works as a Senior Product Manager at Philips Hue where he leads cross-functional teams and tries to shape the future of connected lighting one bulb per time.

From My Blog

Welcome to my blog section - where I'll share my thoughts and experiences in the tech industry and not only. It's a mix of professional and funny (but don't expect a stand-up routine). Let's chat about the latest tech trends, share funny anecdotes, and commiserate over debugging struggles. I'll bring my experience, humor (hopefully), and a virtual cup of coffee. Let's dive in!

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Jonathan Zhou profile pic

"Luigi goes beyond the role of a traditional mentor and crosses into the territory of ‘super-mentor’.

Over the last 3 years, I’ve witnessed, time and time again, Luigi as an incredibly hardworking and kindhearted individual. He is particularly persistent in ensuring the people he works with and those around him have the resources they need to thrive and grow."

Jonathan Zhou

Trade Marketing Manager



"Luigi is definitely what they call a creative thinker. Young and brilliant professional, he has a unique ability to find creative solutions in solving problems and get things done. One of the main things that impressed me is his ability to create deep and authentic connections with stakeholders, truly caring about others and their points of view. He’s “the smartest guy in the room” in several rooms."

Matteo Trimurti
Chief Marketing Officer


Marijn De Jong profile pic

"I've worked with Luigi in several roles in Signify and was always surprised at the speed at which he was able to grasp the matter and the passion he has in driving a topic towards conclusion. On top of this Luigi knows how to quickly make a personal connection with people and leverage his network inside the company in the best possible way."

Marijn de Jong

Head of Innovation Europe


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